Steyn Huizinga

CTO | AWS APN Ambassador | AWS Premier Consulting Partner | Oblivion

The five common mistakes on S3

2022-07-26 4 min read AWS
In general the cloud object store Amazon S3 is pretty straightforward to use, but mistakes are easily made. The service itself is proven to be secure (“security of the cloud”), reliable and performant. However, misconfiguration by the owner of the S3 buckets can give a totally different experience (“security in the cloud”). In this blog the five most common mistakes will be addressed as a learning experience. 1. Leaky S3 buckets Never configure your S3 bucket to allow direct public access to your S3 buckets. Continue reading

Configure OpenID Connect for GitLab and AWS

2022-03-15 7 min read AWS
We do encounter a mix of DevOps tools being used in cloud project. For reasons we do prefer to work with AWS native tools and services. One of the reasons (but certainly not limited to that) for that opinion is that native tools provide seamless integration with the fundamentals of AWS itself. Think of tight integration with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) or AWS CloudTrail. In AWS it’s common to assign roles to resources. Continue reading

Limiting access using geographic restrictions

2022-03-03 9 min read AWS
The world is on fire. We’re heading towards - or exactly it already is - a humanitarian disaster in Ukraine. We’ve all seen the heartbreaking footage from the war. Thousands of homeless people fighting and fearing for their lives. I’ve written this blog to help. I do know that a large number of government websites are hosted on AWS. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is expanding with cyber warfare. There is fighting on the ground, but also online. Continue reading

Amazon Inspector 2 - What's new?

2022-01-03 6 min read AWS
Six years after the initial launch AWS announced the new Amazon Inspector. The launch took place during re:Invent 2021. With this launch the previous version has been renamed to Amazon Inspector Classic. The new Amazon Inspector is rearchitected to support a wider range of workloads and simplified workflow management. Scale with simplified management The management of Inspector 2 has been simplified. Enabling and configuring the service can be done with a few API calls or, if you persist on manual labor, a few clicks in ClickOps. Continue reading

Exploring FinOps KPI's to measure the true value of the cloud

2021-11-05 1 min read AWS
Michel Zitman (Cloud Financial Management Practice Lead at Oblivion) shares his best practices on how to build efficient FinOps KPIs and demonstrates the importance they have on your FinOps Governance. Cloud cost management appears to be a challenging subject in the majority of organizations. From our experience we have concluded that 35% of cloud spend is actually wasted as a result of over-provisioned resources alone. And given the fact that, on a global scale, we are only at the beginning of cloud adoption, it’s time for action. Continue reading
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